[Originally published on www.lb.undp.org in February 2021]

In the video presentation below, I share our learnings from the last six months. Experimenting with a different form of presentation, the video below captures the process of “working out loud,” in a format that is longer than a traditional briefing presentation but…

[Originally published on www.lb.undp.org in December 2020]

Today in Lebanon, people’s trust in public institutions is declining, their fatigue is rising, and the economic anxieties growing with each passing day. What must it feel like to experience a pandemic under such circumstances? How do people’s access to information affect their perceptions of and behaviors around COVID-19? At the UNDP Accelerator Lab in Lebanon, we sought to answer these questions through a rigorous research project on COVID-19 information, perceptions, and behaviors.

Setting the stage
In Lebanon, the COVID-19 pandemic is happening alongside many other crises. The country has been stuck in political deadlock for over a year following a popular uprising that started on October 17, 2019. This coincided with an economic collapse that has…

In Lebanon, the political and health crises of the last two years have been an opportunity to pause and reflect on how we work at UNDP Lebanon and where. Extended lockdowns and long stretches of alternative-work modalities have changed what it means to work at UNDP Lebanon, as reporting for…

Reflecting on the way we work at UNDP Lebanon’s Accelerator Lab

The word experimentation may conjure up images of beakers and test tubes, but it is so much more than just a process of scientific method and can happen anywhere, not just in a sterile research laboratory. Broadly defined, experimentation is a culture; it is a disposition, a way of orienting…

Vrouyr Joubanian

Designer // Head of Experimentation at UNDP Lebanon Accelerator Lab

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